CryptoZoo Stud Farm

Get the Hybrids you want. Not the Hybrids you can.

The one-stop-shop for ZooKeepers to earn $ZOO by listing Base Animals for other ZooKeepers to breed with. Autonomously managed by Smart Contracts ensuring maximum security.

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Breed Animals

Get the exact hybrid you want

Want a Hybrid Egg but don’t have the animals that you need to breed? No problem the Stud Farm allows you to breed with other Zookeeper's Animals.

Stud Animals

Sell Breeds to Earn $ZOO

Need more $ZOO to expand your Hybrid collection? List your Base Animals on the Stud Farm and receive $ZOO when another ZooKeeper breeds with your animal.

Easy-To-Use Interface

An Intuitive Hybrid Breeding Experience

Mobile First

The Stud Farm features a mobile first design - compatible on all devices

Quick & Easy

An intuitive experience allowing you to Stud & Breed Animals in minutes


The Stud Farm supports MetaMask for straight-forward digital transactions

Real Time Data

Real-time updates ensure accurate data throughout the Stud Farm.

Utility & Economics

Growing the CryptoZoo Ecosystem

The Stud Farm introduces many new economic mechanisms to the CryptoZoo ecosystem expanding the economic opportunity of Zookeeper.

Next Steps

Continue your journey into the Stud Farm

Ready to Stud & Breed Animals on the Stud Farm?

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Want to learn how to Stud and Breed Animals?

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